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     The company , Jin Ming Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established on March 7, 2550 currently stands at No. 12 junction 9 Soi Phetkasem 40 Phetkasem Road, Bangchak Phasi Charoen District Bangkok. The purpose is to sell engines and agricultural parts wholesale lawn mower parts General-purpose gasoline engines , diesel engines , lawn mowers , generators, cars, shoveling, pumps, spare parts and agricultural products such as spare parts, lawn mowers , spare inhalers. Including replacement parts for HONDA, YANMAR, TOKOTA , KUMAKAI engines ,  etc.

     With the company's product policy that focuses on the production process and the selection of standardized products and high quality To make the products sold under the company are strong, durable and safe for customers as much as possible.

     At present, the company is still committed to developing products and after-sales services better. To meet the needs of customers to get the most benefit from using the company's products. Including increasing the quality of products so that our products can replace the original products and are comparable with products from other countries at a fair price.


     Jinming Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd established on the 7th March 2007. The company is located on house no. 12, Soi Petchkasem 40 Yak 9, Petchkasem RD., Bangjak, Phasrichareon, Bangkok, Thailand. Ours products include engines which are Gasoline Engine, Diesel Engine, Bunch Soil Farming Tractor, Water Pump, Electric Generator and also include Agricultural Spare Parts which are Lawn Mower Part, Sprayer Part, HONDA and YANMAR spare part.


     Due to our company’s production policy, we are exacting about the production process and selecting all the high quality and standard products to be strong, durable and safe for all the customers.


     We have been engrossed to progress our products and customer service to satisfy the customer needs. Also we intently attend the product quality improvement so that they can be substituted and be equaled to the products from other countries in the just price.